Day 48 (May 10th): Marion to Chatfield Shelter

Miles hiked today: 7
Miles hiked total: 538.2
Miles to go: 1647.1

Today was a really short day of hiking. We went out for breakfast around 9:00 and first went to a diner listed in AWOL, but when we got there we were told it no longer existed. The guy said it was closed and Stylez asked when it would open and he said, “never”. So then we went to McDonald’s. I just ordered an orange juice and hot water and made my oatmeal.

The weather today was really gross in the beginning. It was grey all morning and drizzled a bit and then after breakfast it poured during our walk back to the motel. Once we got inside, it started to thunder and lightning. I wasn’t looking forward to hiking, but there really wasn’t another option. Before the shuttle came, I was able to Skype with my sister and wish her a happy birthday.

The weather was much better when we started hiking, and the terrain wasn’t too bad. It rained on us a bit while hiking, but it wasn’t a big deal. It was warm out so the rain didn’t make me cold and I knew everything would dry eventually. The rain also let up as we got to the shelter around 3:00.

The shelter is pretty small and rather dirty. A bunch of hikers left their trash and clothes (?) in the shelter. The shelter is close to a road and I’m assuming it gets a lot of use by weekenders, which is why it’s so much dirtier than the other shelters on the trail.

It’s a small crowd at the shelter tonight. There’s a section hiker and a man named Freeman, and then just Stylez, Wing It, and me.


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