Day 47 (May 9th): Campsite to Marion, VA

Miles hiked today: 12.6
Miles hiked total: 531.2
Miles to go: 1654.1

Today was a nice easy day of hiking. Stylez, Wing It, and I got an early start and bee-lined it to Trimpi Shelter, where we filled up on water. We didn’t spend much time there, because we were trying to make it to the Mt. Roger’s Visitor Center, where a shuttle picks hikers up at 2:30 and brings them into Marion. There wasn’t much to see during the hike today, and my mind was just on getting into town where I could shower.

Before reaching the Visitor Center, the trail passes the Partnership Shelter, which has to be one of the nicest shelters on the trail. There are showers and real bathrooms and the shelter looks brand new and clean. I wish I had the chance to stay there. Since we got to the Visitor Center around 1:00 and had time to kill, most people hung around the Partnership Shelter before making their way over to the Visitor Center to catch the shuttle.

Going into town tonight is Hog Driver (the Delta pilot), Sprinkleburst and Cupcake (an amazing young couple from Wisconsin), Wing It, Stylez, and Wiki, as well as a section hiker named Bob. I’m sharing the motel room with Stylez, Wing It, and Wiki.

After we got into town, everyone went in separate directions for lunch and resupply. I went to the Mexican restaurant for lunch, and then again for dinner with the rest of the group. Hog Driver bought the first round of drinks for everyone. That’s sort of his thing, he always insists on buying the first round. Thank you Hog Driver for the delicious margarita!! I had been craving one!

At the end of the night while we waited for our laundry, Stylez, Wing It, Wiki, and I watched Angels and Demons, which was on TV. I think I mentioned this before, but Stylez and I are trying to watch as many Tom Hanks movies as possible, and when we put the TV on tonight we just flipped through the channels until we found one of his movies 🙂.

Back to hiking tomorrow!


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