Day 46 (May 8th): Wise Shelter to campsite just before Trimpi Shelter

Miles hiked today: 18.1
Miles hiked total: 518.6
Miles to go: 1166.2

Today was a great day of hiking on my Daddy’s birthday!

When I woke up the sun was already out and there was a nice breeze blowing as I climbed up Stone Mountain. The breeze eventually disappeared as I entered the woods again to climb Pine Mountain. The sun started to feel pretty strong and my pack hurt my shoulders and I had to keep readjusting, but I had my music playing and my spirits were high. The scenery was beautiful, and the trail, for the most part, was pretty nice.

I eventually got to Old Orchard Shelter where I took a quick break with Stylez. When Stylez and I left the shelter, we ran into a hiker named Dog Man, a past thru-hiker, who told us that up ahead was trail magic. At Fox Creek, a man named John was grilling burgers and hotdogs for everyone. I was able to make myself tortilla sandwiches with ketchup, pickles, onions, and tomatoes, and he also had potato chips. It was so good! Earlier today I actually said that I had given up on trail magic, and then John came along. The food definitely helped get me up the next mountain. We had to climb Iron Mountain which had an elevation gain of 2000 feet and I actually kept up with Stylez, stopping only once to take a picture of two deer on the side of the trail. I felt good!

At the top of the mountain, I called my dad to say happy birthday and learned that he and my mum had booked their room for when they come visit me during Trail Days, which is only a few more days away! I can’t wait!!



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