Day 43 (May 5th): Zero in Damascus

Not much to say about today. I mostly relaxed, called a couple of friends and family members, sent some gear home, and spent a lot of time at the library blogging and buying gifts. May is a busy month for me. In the span of a week, my dad, sister, aunt, and future brother-in-law all have birthdays, plus it’s always Mother’s Day, and my parents’ anniversary. I spent a lot of time ordering gifts for all of my family members.

I got lunch again today at the Blue Blaze Cafe. Considering that it’s Cinco de Mayo, I was hoping to eat at the “Mexican” restaurant, but just like last night, it was closed because the owner had run out of food. I got lunch with Stylez and Wing It, and during lunch we ran into Squirrel and Wiki.

At the end of the night, Wing It and I grabbed dinner to go from Blue Blaze again. It really is the only open restaurant in town. The service, as with the other two times I ate there, was incredibly slow. I ordered a salad with hummus (for the third time), and was left waiting on it for roughly 40 to 60 minutes. I had to walk up to the counter to find out what was up and they said my food had been ready for a while but they didn’t know where I had gone…I was sitting at the table right in front of the counter where the woman who took my order told me to wait. Needless to say, I was pretty frustrated by the time I left the restaurant with my salad (a little after 8:00 at this point). To relax, Stylez, Wing It, and I watched Sleepless in Seattle on my phone. We all crowded on to the queen bed and propped my phone up on Stylez’s feet and watched our third Tom Hanks movie of the hike. Success!

Back to hiking tomorrow! I’m excited to see more of Virginia!


One thought on “Day 43 (May 5th): Zero in Damascus

  1. Hi RayLynn-
    I’ve enjoyed your writing on this trip, and I realized today that I hadn’t been seeing any updates in a while. If I’m working the blog correctly, it seems that May 5 is the last entry?
    I hope that everything’s okay!

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