Day 42 (May 4th): Unnamed Gap to Damascus

Miles hiked today: 6.4
Miles hiked total: 467.6
Miles to go: 1717.7

We passed into Virginia today! Our fourth state!

It was a relatively easy day of hiking, and Stylez, Wing It, and I were all moving pretty quickly. We were excited to make it to Virginia and to get to Damascus and eat some restaurant food, and this excitement turned into adrenaline and got our butts moving.

We all posed with the TN/VA sign and took a bunch of cheesy pictures.

When we got to Damascus around 9:30, we ran into Woodstock walking down the street. It was as if he was coming to great us. He claims that he was walking to the one area in town where AT&T users get service, but I’m convinced he was coming to great us since I gave him a heads-up on when we should be arriving.

Wing It, Stylez, and I all grabbed breakfast (pancakes for them, a smoothie for me) and saw Lotus and Longhorn at the restaurant. They took a zero yesterday and hiked out of town today. Hopefully we’ll run into them again soon.

After breakfast, the three of us went on a mission to find a place to stay for the night. We ended up reserving a room with a queen bed at the Hikers Inn for me and Stylez and Wing It grabbed one of the bunks. It’s a super clean hostel (most aren’t, unfortunately) and Lee, the owner, is incredibly welcoming and accommodating. She found out I’m a gluten-free vegan and made me a green smoothie since there aren’t many food options for me in town.

After checking into our room, I met back up with Woodstock and grabbed lunch with him at the one Mexican restaurant in town, which, according to Lee, isn’t real Mexican (she warned Stylez about this since Stylez is from Texas). I ordered nachos and decided to wait to get rice and tacos until dinner, when Stylez and Wing It were with me. However, when we came back later tonight, the owner told us that he was out of food and only had beer to offer us. We instead grabbed dinner at the Blue Blaze Cafe, the only open restaurant in town. The food was okay, but the service was exceptionally slow.

Looking forward to a day off tomorrow!


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