Day 41 (May 3rd): Bog to Campsite at Unnamed Gap

Miles hiked today: 22.9
Miles hiked total: 461.2
Miles to go: 1724.1

Biggest mile day so far! The weather was really nice, sunny but breezy, and the terrain was pretty gentle. We got to the campsite at 6:30, which is pretty impressive, I think.

We left camp this morning at 8:00 and shortly after leaving a bunch of runners told us they left donuts at the road after the mountain. We had no idea how far away this road was, but Stylez and Wing It wanted those donuts so we passed the first shelter without stopping in and kept on going until we reached the road at 10:30. Not only did they have donuts waiting for them, they also got trail magic left by a church right before the road.

On our way to the road, a man we’ve seen a couple of times these past few days made a comment when we passed him at the shelter. He said to Merman, “I gotta beat these kids to the road so that I can get those donuts!” I shouted back to him not to worry, that I don’t eat donuts and he can have mine. Then, after hiking for a bit, we all stopped because two deer were on the side of the trail standing perfectly still and looking in our direction. I took my phone out to take a picture and Stylez and Wing It kept hiking. I had the phone raised and was about to snap the picture when the man came up behind me. I told him that there were two deer on the side of the trail, and instead of stopping, he raised his poles up into the air, walked in front of my camera, and yelled, “photobomb!” His noise scared the two deer away and I wasn’t able to get my picture. What an ass.

We talked with a trail maintainer for a bit while Stylez and Wing It ate their donuts. We also hiked on and off with Merman and two other hikers named Fletch and Sam.

At Low Gap, a man was waiting with water for any hiker who needed it. His name was Polar Bear and he’s been serving the trail for 30+ years. He’s living in a full house and uses his trail magic duties as a means for escape.

Tomorrow we cross into Virginia! I’m so excited to finally be there! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. We have six miles into Damascus and we should get there by 10:00 at the latest. We’re going to grab an early lunch and then hit up the outfitters. I’m ready for this zero!

Ta-ta for now!



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