Day 39 (May 1st): Upper Laurel Fork to Waycaster Spring

Miles hiked today: 14.2
Miles hiked total: 419.2
Miles to go: 1766.1

Not much to mention about today. The rain held off during the night, and I slept great! Best sleep I’ve gotten since entering North Carolina.

We left camp around 8:00 and crossed several streams and springs before finally reaching the “Hardcore Cascades”. There was really nothing hardcore about the cascades, and I found them to be rather disappointing. They were nice to look at, for sure, but the cascades looked like every other river crossing we’ve come across. Anyway, we filtered water and kept moving. We planned to take a snack break three miles later at some rock outcroppings, but when we got there a cloud engulfed the mountain and we weren’t able to see anything so we continued on to the shelter, which was only .1 miles away.

When we got there, everything was still in a cloud and I got very cold and had to put some layers on. Wing It and I ate lunch while Stylez ate some snacks, and then we got moving again. After lunch we kept hiking and had some uphills before we got to the really big downhill of the day. We talked a bit about the songs that have been stuck in our heads, which led to talking about musicals.

During our hike, we came across an old abandoned barn. I went to pee behind it and it sounded like the shutters were banging against the window frames, but there were no shutters! Very creepy!

We also finally got to see Laurel Falls, which actually were impressive (unlike the Hardcore Cascades). We had to climb down a bunch of rocks to get there and it was a rather difficult descent. It was incredibly steep and slow-going. When we finally got to the falls, though, it was worth it.

After leaving the falls, we came upon an awesome little campsite right next to the river with a fire pit and we decided to stop here for the night.

Wing It has a nice fire going, so I’m going to go enjoy it!


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