Day 38 (April 30th): Mountain Harbour Hostel to Upper Laurel Fork

Miles hiked today: 13.2
Miles hiked total: 405.0
Miles to go: 1780.3

We left the hostel today around 11:00 with a plan to hike 8.7 miles to the Mountaineer Shelter and decide how much farther to hike at that point. The trail went up for a bit before finally going back down and leveling out. We probably could have moved much faster than we did, but we went at a nice relaxed pace instead, which I enjoyed. We caught up with Fitty Shrimp (part of the original Shrimp Gang) at a side trail to Jones Falls, where we stopped for a couple of minutes to enjoy the massive waterfall.

When we finally got to the shelter, it was 3:00. We ate lunch and decided to keep hiking for another couple of hours. The weather was cooperating and the terrain looked pretty decent, so we saw no reason to hang around. We eventually came upon a bench erected in memory of a man who apparently had very little, but gave so much. We were offered a pretty view, and I had service and got a text from Woodstock, who’s going to try to meet up with us in Damascus. That kid hikes so darn fast!

I felt pretty good today hiking. My pack was a little heavy, but not unreasonably so. It did start to hurt my back though and I was fidgeting a lot with the straps. The balls of my feet keep getting pretty sore and I think it’s from the SuperFeet. I’m just not sure how long it takes to break them in. I’m going to hike with them for another couple of days and see how my feet feel then before making any decisions.


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