Day 37 (April 29th): Overmountain Shelter to Mountain Harbour Hostel

Miles hiked today: 8.7
Miles hiked total: 391.8
Miles to go: 1793.5

The wind from inside the barn when we woke up this morning sounded treacherous, and many people decided to zero at the barn to stay out of the bad weather. I had a reservation at Mountain Harbour Hostel in Roan Mountain, TN, though, so I packed up and then braced myself for whatever weather I was about to experience.

Thankfully, it never rained on me, but boy was it windy!! I went over a couple of bald summits on my way into town and the wind literally knocked me over at times. I’d have to say that the wind blew at a constant speed of 30 or 40 mph, and the wind gusts reached 70 mph. I got blown off the trail numerous times and had to bend my knees, bow my head, square my shoulders, plant my poles into the ground, and try as hard as I could to stand my ground and stay standing up right. As soon as the wind would die down, I’d book it up the trail only to make it a couple of feet before being blown off it again. It was fun, for sure, but incredibly exhausting.

The rest of the hike into town wasn’t bad, but I had to side step a lot of worms that got washed up to the surface. There was one worm that I saw that actually made me stop in my tracks. It was the largest worm I’ve ever seen in my life. It looked like this worm ate all of the other worms in the entire world; it was a worm on steroids, a genetically modified super organism. It was probably a quarter in diameter and more than a foot long. It was so massive that I forgot to be grossed out by it and instead was insanely intrigued.

Once we got to the hostel, we were pleased to see Longhorn and Lotus there, as well as another hiker named Tortoise. They all zero’d there to avoid the rain that never came, and we’re now all relaxing in the common room watching Apollo 13.

Stylez, Wing It, and I have all decided to watch as many Tom Hanks movies as possible while on the trail. We’ve already watched Turner and Hooch, and now Apollo 13. Let’s see how many more we’re able to fit in before this adventure is over!


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