Day 33 (April 25th): Spivey Gap to Erwin, TN

Miles hiked today: 10.7
Miles hiked total: 341.5
Miles to go: 1843.8

We took a Nero day in Erwin, TN today. The hike into town was over easy terrain, but the weather couldn’t seem to make up its mind on whether or not it wanted to rain or be sunny. All morning, it alternated between being beautiful and sunny, to being cloudy and stormy. One second I’d need my rain jacket, and then the sun would come out and the rain would stop and I’d take my jacket off only to have to put it on again a couple of minutes later. This bizarre weather stayed with us the entire way into town. I’m happy that we’re out of the mountains right now. From Erwin, I can look out at the mountains we’ll be hiking tomorrow, and right now there are black clouds covering all of the summits. It’s not raining in Erwin, but I’m sure up in the mountains it’s a whole different story.

I’m staying in a motel room with Stylez, Wing It, and Blacksmith tonight. The room’s pretty nice and the water’s hot, so I’m happy. The first thing everyone did once we got our room was take a shower. We called this shower “First Shower.” Out here, everything comes in multiples: First Breakfast, Second Breakfast; First Lunch, Second Lunch; First Dinner, Second Dinner; First Shower, Second Shower, (and sometimes even Third Shower…we get pretty dirty). We’re pretty much hobbits. My feet are even expanding and pretty soon they’ll be the same size as Frodo’s. It’s actually pretty horrifying.

So, we all took showers and washed the first layer of filth and hardwork off of our bodies and then we immediately gathered all of our dirty clothes and set out to find a place to eat. We settled on a Mexican restaurant and I enjoyed a delicious plate of Veggie Fajitas (pretty much the only thing I ever order at Mexican restaurants) and I devoured the tortilla chips. It’s crazy the amount of food I’m able to consume these days!

After lunch, everyone resupplied and then it was time to do laundry. We found a 24-hour laundromat close to the Mexican restaurant and sat there while our smelly clothes became less smelly. When our laundry was finished, we headed back to our motel room. On the way, I stopped at a Chinese restaurant and picked some food up for dinner for later in the night, and Blacksmith left us to try to find a hitch to the Walmart. Back at the motel room, we all settled down to watch a movie and repack our bags with all of our new food while Stylez dyed her hair in the bathroom.

Blacksmith just showed up and now everyone’s ordering pizzas, so I’m going to break out my Chinese food now!


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