Days 27 and 28 (April 19th and 20th): Zero days in Hot Springs, NC

I’m so thankful I had these two days to relax!

On Saturday morning, I woke up early and got breakfast with Woodstock, Wing It, and Blacksmith. Eventually the rest of the gang showed up and we sat with them out on the patio. After breakfast, it was off to do errands. I had to pick up my mail drop, get to the post office before it closed to send home my Merrells (I decided not to throw them in the trash, just in case), and pick up some items from the outfitters.

After getting everything done, I grabbed a late lunch with my friends and we all enjoyed 13 Going on 30, which was playing on the TV in the restaurant. The sound was off, though, and there were no subtitles, so Stylez and I talked Woodstock through the film because he’d never seen it.

When everything was taken care of in town, I finally made it back to the hostel I’m staying at and locked myself in my room for a bit to make a few phone calls and lie down. I thankfully have WiFi at the hostel and was able to Skype with my family for the first time since being on the trail! It was nice being able to see my nephew again! After my Skype session, I shared some wine with Beans, Muffin Man, and Wing It, and then eventually went back into town to grab dinner with Wing It and Woodstock. So much food!

Sunday was similar to Saturday, with one exception: it was Easter! I woke up early and Skyped with my family again and watched my nephew as he ran around our house trying to find all of the Easter Eggs and his Easter basket. He’s only one and didn’t quite understand the point of all the eggs. Every time he picked one up, he just threw it right back down towards the ground. Some of them were plastic with little chocolates or coins in them, but most were hard-boiled eggs. Ha, oops! It was so nice being able to watch him and it was exactly what I needed after the homesickness I felt in the Smokies.

After Skyping, I got breakfast with Wing It and Woodstock and then said goodbye to Woodstock. He decided to get moving again; I probably won’t see him again until I reach Damascus, where he plans on taking a couple of days off. Right as I finished eating, Toasted Toad and Townie showed up in town and I sat with them as they ate breakfast, and I eventually grabbed a late lunch/early dinner with them later on.

At the end of the night, I relaxed in the common room of my hostel and watched “Dinner for Schmucks” with Wing It, Beans, and Hat Trick while writing post cards. It was a great way to spend my last night in town. Tomorrow, it’s back to the trail!

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