Day 17 (April 9th): Cable Gap Shelter to Fontana Dam Shelter

Miles hiked today: 6.9
Miles hiked total: 166.1
Miles to go: 2019.2

Today was much warmer than yesterday, thankfully.

Chrissy and I were one of the last to leave the campsite again. We were anxious to get an early start because we wanted to get a spot in the Fontana Dam Shelter, known as the Fontana “Hilton” on the trail, but everyone moved faster than us this morning. The shelter sleeps 20 and has showers and bathrooms located near it, so it’s a pretty in-demand shelter.

Because of our late start, Chrissy and I did our best to book it to Fontana. We got here around 11:30 and were actually able to snag 2 spots in the shelter on the top floor. Fancy fancy. After claiming our spots, we went to the Fontana Dam Visitor Center to check out the bathrooms. They were everything we could have hoped for after being in the woods for a couple of days. We decided to just wash up the best we could using the sinks instead of taking advantage of the showers since we had no towels and are going into town tomorrow anyway.

After we washed up, we called a shuttle and went to Fontana Village for lunch and other errands. We were able to wash our clothes and many people hit up the general store for resupply. A large group of us also got dinner in town before catching the last shuttle back to the shelter.

There’s a large group of people here tonight, and we’re all currently gathered around a warm campfire. The majority of people here are pushing on to the Smokies tomorrow. I’m taking my first Zero day tomorrow to bring Chrissy to Gatlinburg so that she can catch her flight home on the 11th, so everyone will be a day ahead of me. But I’m confident I’ll be able to catch up! I’m also really looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I’ve heard some interesting things about Gatlinburg, and I’m excited about checking this fun little town out (apparently it’s second to Vegas for the amount of weddings held there…hmmmm).








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