Day 5 (March 28th): Low Gap Shelter to Unicoi Gap

Miles hikes today: 9.7
Miles hiked total: 52.9
Miles to go: 2132.4

We really lucked out today. It rained during the night and was supposed to continue during the day, but it conveniently stopped in the morning as we were packing up our stuff. It was foggy all day and we got wet from the water dripping off the trees and the overall condensation, but it really wasn’t too bad to hike in. The fog gave a really mysterious vibe to everything and I enjoyed hiking through the mist. The trail was muddy and slippery, so we had to take our time on the descents, but overall the hiking was great.

The first seven miles or so were relatively flat and we made great time. After we climbed Blue Mountain, the last two miles of the day were all downhill and we lost close to 1000 feet of elevation, so that took some time. We got to Unicoi Gap a little before 3:00 and decided to go into town for the night instead of continuing on. Chrissy and I were craving a salad and other fresh veggies so we decided the stop in town was worth it!

When we got off the trail we were planning on calling a shuttle to bring us to the Best Western, but a fellow hiker’s dad was at the trailhead shuttling hikers into town, so he gave us a lift. Thank you Tigger’s Dad!

After showering we filled the tub up with soapy water and hand washed our clothes and cranked the heat all the way up while we went out to eat so everything could dry. We ate at a restaurant called Big Daddy’s and we both got a salad and baked potato and I got steamed broccoli. Everyone on the trail has been craving steak and burgers and all I keep wishing for is watermelon, lettuce, and potatoes!

Ta-ta for now!

5 thoughts on “Day 5 (March 28th): Low Gap Shelter to Unicoi Gap

  1. RayLynn -catching up with you on your adventure and loved the picture of the Sole Tree. Thanks for sharing. I can rest easier now that you have your trail name. Bluebird is much more musical to the ear than “Outhouse”!! Sounds like things have started out well-happy trails and be safe. Terri

  2. Hi Hunny 🙂 so glad all is well and you two have proven to be quite the survivors. Loved the bathroom story.
    Take Care and I love you……Mema

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