Day 4 (March 27th): Neel Gap to Low Gap Shelter

Miles hiked today: 11.5
Miles hiked total: 43.2
Miles to go: 2142.1

Today was another great day. We got started around 10 (we’re working on getting an earlier start) and started hiking through a section of the trail that’s known for its bear activity. Chrissy asked me what we should do if we see a bear and I told her what my friends told me: make noise so they know you’re there and you don’t startle them. That should be enough to get them off the trail. If you’re with someone, just start having a conversation with them; if you’re alone, sing a song. So, Chrissy came up with a song to sing in the event we come across a bear (sung to “The Caissons Go Rolling Along”, otherwise known as “The Army Song” or “The Army Goes Marching Along”:

“There’s a bear over there
I’m not sure if I should care
For now I’ll just keep walking along

She’s quite large and she’s black
I sure hope she’ll let me pass
For now I’ll just keep walking along

Quiet, I won’t be for I want her to hear me
So that she’s not startled or afraid

If you know this song, trust that you can walk along
Cuz the bear let me pass on that day”

We find ways to entertain ourselves 🙂

Today we hiked with a guy named Jay for most of the day. He’s from Maryland but is thinking of moving up to Massachusetts after the hike, so we had a lot to talk about (I’m originally from MA and went to college there). He also saved my butt, or rather kept me from being a bit uncomfortable for a while, and gave me some water when we were on the top of Cowrock Mountain. I had been meaning to filter myself some as I hiked but never did see any sources during the first few miles, so Jay saved the day.

It’s true that people look out for each other out here. Later today, Chrissy, Jay, and I were hiking along and came across Toasted Toad, a hiker I’ve been leapfrogging with for a couple days whom I like very much, and he heard about Chrissy’s knee and offered to wrap it up for her. He compressed her knee with athletic tape and gave me some Advil to give her for a couple days (she’s already consumed all of my ibuprofen). He also gave me my trail name!

Drum roll please!…


Inspired by my blue jacket and the fact that I fly down the trail (I really don’t think I hike that fast, but according to Toasted Toad and Chrissy, I do).

We also experienced our first (and second) trail magic today. When we came down off Cowrock Mountain and entered Tesnatee Gap, a couple men had tables set up with fresh water, hot cocoa, coffee, snacks, and candy, and they also had chairs set up for us to rest in. I refilled my water and rested with Jay and Chrissy for close to an hour before continuing on. A little later in our hike, we came across water bottles left behind for hikers. It seems the universe knew I needed water today!

Overall, it was a great day with more great views and company. The shelter we’re staying at tonight is crowded. It’s like tent city, there are tents popping up everywhere. It’s expected to rain tonight and tomorrow, so Chrissy and I will be able to experience what it’s like to pack everything up in the rain. Fun fun!


View from Cowrock Mountain and some trail magic!



3 thoughts on “Day 4 (March 27th): Neel Gap to Low Gap Shelter

  1. Well. Hello there bluebird seems like. The trip is amazing so far very smart move sleeping in the bathroom!! I hope Chrissys knee is getting better. I can not wait for day 5. Be safe. Xoxo

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